Why should you join Ebenezer?

Learning Environment

Many parents choose Ebenezer Seminary because it provides an environment where students come first, and academic excellence is viewed as the norm. Within Ebenezer Seminary setting, students encourage and support each other.


Students find confidence in their abilities, feel empowered to challenge themselves, and grow in their faith. 

Learning from within

They learn to lead from within. They learn lessons that last a lifetime

Everyone is Special

Every child is special in our schools and we believe that education begins with affection.


In order for our students to have exposure, we are arranging various trips (academic, tourist and leisure) within the country and abroad.

Mentality Improved

Students who study at our school have; higher self-esteem, are intellectually curious, serious about their studies, more self reliant, and higher achievers. 

Aims for the future

We offer a practical education so as to rise up future scientists through our well-equipped biology, physics and chemistry laboratories, accompanied by project rooms. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students get real practice and get to learn by touching, seeing and experimenting.

Information and Communication Technology

Computer and ICT laboratory with the intention of producing well educated and infirmed students in science, technology and modern innovation. Our computer laboratory serves as the starting point of this life long journey.